About Me

Who, What, Where, and maybe even Why.

I have done many very different things in my life, partly due to an unreasonable number of varied interests. I will spare you my entire life’s story in this space: at this stage of my life, I highly value reducing distractions.

Photo of Dean
One thing that has been true throughout my professional life is that I achieve my own success by helping others succeed. This has manifested in a number of ways, but two are especially relevant.


I first became interested in hypnosis and self-hypnosis when I was a teenager still in high school. I have continued using them “the rest of my life” (so far!) in various personal and professional capacities.

A few years ago I recognized this as my “calling”, after the first week of a conversastional hypnosis class I was attending. It is the most fulfiling work I have ever performed.

Hypnosis has had a huge impact on my life over the years, so being able to make an even bigger impact on the lives of others is a great feeling.

Technical Support

I was a software developer and DBA for several years initially, but then spent over 15 years involved in technical support for open source databases.

Whether delivering services as a MySQL Support Engineer myself, building regional and global support teams as a Support Manager, leading the entire support business as VP Technical Support, or focusing directly on innovative growth as a Support Product Manager, I was driven to help others succeed on a daily basis: my customers, my team, and my company.

In those varying capacities, I worked at MySQL AB, Sun Microsystems, Oracle Corporation, MariaDB Corporation, and Percona.

The Miscellany

  • I live in Chattanooga, Tennessee, in the southern USA.

    I am married to the most amazing woman in the world (sorry-not-sorry everyone else).

    Our kids are the best kids, and our dog is the best dog, except when they aren’t, but, really, they are.

  • INTJ. You have been warned.

    Some descriptions of the type read like a “User’s Manual to Dean Ellis”.

  • I wrote fiction and occasionally poetry when I was younger. I adore stories, as I suppose all humans do.

  • I love guitar more than almost everything but stopped taking it seriously in my mid 20s, which I mostly regret. I still play, occasionally.

  • I read voraciously. Less today than when I was younger (a matter of priorities and available time), but it’s fair to say I have a love affair with books.

  • My first computer was a Commodore Vic 20, sometime around 1982 (not counting the earlier Atari 2600).

    I was online via CompuServe and Bulletin Board Systems before time began, and used the Internet when it was still ARPANET. When I read about the “new generation growing up online”, I guess they don’t mean me.

    Most of my early programming was in assembly language (on the Commodore 64 and Amiga), although I moved to C and C++ after being stranded on Intel CPUs. Today I do almost everything in Go and Python, with occasional forays into Elisp and Haskell.

    So far as databases go, I’ve worked intensely with MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, and MariaDB. And less intensely with most everything else.

    A complete résumé of this looks like alphabet soup.

  • I am the tiniest bit short of qualifying as a Free-as-in-Freedom Software zealot.

    I largely prefer to use Linux (Arch/Manjaro or Ubuntu). I don’t mind writing GNU/Linux because it’s accurate, but I won’t say it aloud because it’s ridiculous.

    I am not as strict as Richard Stallman but I think his opinions regarding software freedoms are probably 100% correct and may qualify as facts.

  • I am rational but not materialist. I am skeptical and critical but neither a debunker nor a critic.

  • I’m Dean. That’s the only box that fits.

You can contact me by email. My name is Dean, of course, and this is DeanEllis.com. All you need is an @.